Soundcast OutCast wireless speaker system

Soundcast has rolled out its OutCast all-weather outdoor speaker system that targets music enthusiasts, and I must say the demonstration sounded pretty good. This weatherproof system has a charge time of approximately 1.5 hours (2 hours if you're using it to play something), while it claims to last up a dozen hours even at full blast. Audio is transmitted via the 2.4GHz spectrum, and each transmitter has three frequencies to choose from. This is more a home solution than a commercial one, although you could use it in a small store if you'd like. There is a 350 foot range with this, and it works just fine with any audio device that takes advantage of the auxiliary input/output jack. The OutCast is now available for $699 a pop.

  • One 8" downward-firing woofer
  • Four 3" high frequency drivers in an omni-directional array
  • 100 watt digital amplifier
  • Constructed of water resistant plastic
  • Internal AC power supply
    Soundcast OutCast wireless speaker system